What is LanternEQ?

LanternEQ is a recreation of the EverQuest: Trilogy client in Unity. The project consists of three parts:

1. Extractor for EverQuest assets from zone files.

2. Unity importer for quick zone importing.

3. Unity client recreation.

What’s the goal?

I’m not entirely sure myself. At first it was to get assets from the S3Ds extracted. Then I wanted to have a one click import of zones into Unity. Lately, I have been adding more and more systems into the client and kicking around the idea of adding network support. Nothing has been decided yet. It’s just a fun hobby project for me. Another goal of this project lies within preservation of this great game. EverQuest was released nearly 20 years ago and as emulated servers come and go, there is no guarantee you will always be able to log into Norrath. This client aims to fix this.

Is it open source?

The asset extractor is written in C# and the source is available here. The Unity client for now will remain closed source. The reasoning behind this has nothing to do with me not wanting to share my code. I work professionally as a Unity developer and I need to be careful with what I share as ultimately, the systems I design at home need to be completely independent from those at my company. If you’d like to know how something was done, I am more than happy to help. On a side note, I have released an open source Unity Importer which allows you to import EverQiest zones with one click. You can find the project source here.

Aren’t there other projects like this?

There have been many projects before this all with different goals. Check out the Related Projects page for more info.

How can I help?

Assistance is always appreciated. The best way right now to help is to try out the client a report bugs and other inaccuracies. If you are familiar with C# and Unity, let me know if you’d like to help.