Unity Importer

The Unity Importer project allows you to import the extracted zone content into Unity. The process is completed automated and handles spawning the zone, objects and fixing all material and shader references. It has been tested on Unity 2018.2 and 2018.3.

How To Use

  1. Download or clone the Unity project from the GitHub repository.
  2. Open the project in Unity.
  3. Put the folder containing the zone you extracted into the ZoneExports folder in the Unity project.
  4. In the top bar, select EQ->Editor->Import Zone or press ALT + Z
  5. Enter the shortname of the zone contents you have added to the ZoneExports folder.
  6. Click `Import`

The editor may take a while to import and fix all assets depending on the size of the zone. If you come across a zone that fails to load or looks incorrect, please contact me or create a GitHub issue.