Related Projects

WLD Format Documentation by Windcatcher

Pretty much the only documentation available on the EverQuest WLD format used for EverQuest zones/objects/character models. Without this document, this project and many other like it would not be possible.

PFS Format Documentation by clickclickmoon

Documentation on the PFS file format which is used for the EverQuest files (S3D file format is simply renamed).

S3DSpy by Windcatcher

A tool for EverQuest PFS inspection and asset extraction.

EQZoneExplorer by rickmanx

An excellent offline zone viewer with accurate zone rendering.

EQuilibre by PixelBound

An animation and zone viewer. The zone viewer is largely incomplete but work he has done on animations is extremely useful.

EQ Zone Viewer by Edward J. Stembler

A program which can change the default EverQuest tutorial zone. There are many zones that cannot be loaded but it is useful for checking client rendering accuracy as this is essentially a modified version of the EverQuest client.


An emulated server in development aiming to bring back the classic version of EverQuest. They have been extremely helpful by allowing me to compare my client against the trilogy client on their server.